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Students planning for higher education tend to get confused on which course to pursue. Most students depend on their parents for career decisions which is good but the students should be aware of their skills sets and interest towards a particular career.


There are various factors that has to be taken in to consideration before choosing a career. Most students do the mistake of considering pay scale of a particular career rather than their interest which could harm their career, so if you are interested and happy in your job, then you are more likely to be successful.


Psychometric test is conducted to assess one’s personality, skills, interests which influences one’s career growth. ‘Psyche’ means mind and ‘Metric ‘ means measurement, hence it means measuring the mind. We offer various types of psychometric tests for students which can assess one’s IQ, EQ, Personality, Aptitude, and Interest and so on.


At Broadmind, we ensure that we provide a detailed report of your assessment which will be helpful for your career.

Career Planning

Career planning is an essential step before choosing the course. This is where most parents and students make a mistake. They choose the course first, based on the current trend. It is only after they finish the course and start working, they realize the mistake and quite often it becomes too late to make a career change.


So it is always essential to choose your career based on the 4 factors mentioned below to choose the best suited careers for you. In depth knowledge of different jobs in various fields and essential skills sets will be helpful to plan your career growth and to be successful in each field. This is where the experience and expertise of a professional career counseling consultant becomes vital.


Once you know your best suited career, you can explore them in depth and then shortlist them further to one or two before you make the final decision. Career planning is a process and one has to go through the different stages. Once you are clear about the perfect Career for you, then you can start moving in that direction by choosing the Course, that is the undergraduate degree or diploma.

Types of Psychometric Test

Career Sure Test

Career sure test is done to identify one's interest and talent towards a particular career.

Employability Quotient Test

Employability Quotient Test is helpful in measuring one's employable skills which can be useful for his career.

About Career Sure Test

Choosing one’s Career should precede choosing the course. Unfortunately most parents and students ignore this cardinal principle and choose the course first, based on environmental influences. It is only after they finish the course and starts working or become confused in their mid career they realize of their unsuited career when is too late to make a career change.


Our Career Sure test (CST) is an assessment tool based on a model where in all the 4 crucial factors – Interest, Internal Motivators, Aptitude & Personality to identify one’s right Career. Discounting any one factor can cost heavily, often irreversibly.


This assessment has been meticulously tested by individuals, educational institutions and corporate houses. It is made to suit to Indian / Asian culture and standards unlike certain standardized tests which are attuned to the western mind.


Our assessment report will elicit one’s interest inclinations, internal motivators, aptitude level and personality traits objectively.


Also a final report will be appended along with suitable career options / choices for one to make the right career decision.


Anyone who is 14 years & above. Career Sure Test caters to the following three segments of people with the same model with varied content suiting to each category.

The Key Benefits of the Career Sure Test are

Factors Assessed For Career Selection

There are four areas which need to be looked at for the purpose of Career profiling. They are

Interest: Identifying your areas of interest is important to ensure that you are happy at your work place. When we are interested in our work, no one needs to prod us to learn and initiative and involvement comes in by itself. When you enjoy what you are doing, work becomes fun.



Internal: Motivators Internal motivators refer to the driving forces that encourage you from within to perform at your best, beyond money and status. Your motivators may be different from your friend’s and finding yours correctly is an integral part of your Career Planning. We will assist you in that search. These two factors are indicative of areas where you can be happy working and would be motivated to perform effectively.


Aptitude: Aptitude is associated with an individual’s mental abilities. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple intelligence says each one of us is intelligent in different areas. One may be good at using words, one at numbers, another at music, while still another at sports and so on. When we choose a career which makes the most use of our natural inborn intelligence, then we perform well in that area.


Personality: No two people are ever the same. Some are quiet, some talkative, some are risk takers, some are fast at making decisions, some think slow but go deep and analyze, some are influenced by their emotions in making decisions, some are more logical…. etc., This is the essence of an individual’s personality and it has a great bearing on a person’ career. In fact most parents and students tend to ignore this important area while choosing a career. When a person is unhappy or dissatisfied with his career, the personality mismatch is often the cause.

About Employability Quotient Test

Employment and Employability are staring at each other with mutual skeptism. Employers with their increased concern on the quality of people demand them to come to work as ‘plug and play’. No more inflating training cost. To assuage this we have deftly crafted an assessment tool with multiple usages by its skillful artisans endowed with passion & acumen in this domain. Primarily this can be used by anyone who likes to ‘check’ his/her present and future Employability Skills.

The secondary usages are


Any college students of any stream would like to know about one’s employability Skills.

Employability Skills Matter

ASK (Attitude, Skill & Knowledge) is interdependent in nature in shaping a person holistically to become employable to deployable. One influences the other and so on. However, to become aware, focus and develop one must know what are his / her strengths and Areas for Improvement-specifically. Hence, our assessment individually measures the following Skills and categorizes them in an orderly / easy manner. The order for Employability Skills Matter will be as follows :

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills generally refer to the abilities to gain meaning and knowledge from experience and information. Cognition is more than just learning information, it’s the ability to think about new information, process and speak about it and apply it to other, previously acquired information.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are the essential skills needed for a person to participate in life, learning and work. Functional skills are core elements that provide an individual with essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work.

People Skills

A set of skills enabling a person to get along with others to communicate ideas effectively, to understand self & others to resolve emotional & work conflicts to achieve business objectives with optimum relatedness


Introvert/Extravert Draws energy from within-Spends more time with self-Reserved and less outspoken -Prefers to work alone- Values depth over breadth Draws energy from outside – Outgoing and less inhibitedOutspoken-prefers to be with people-Values breadth over depth

Sample Reports

Career Sure Test

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