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If a student is planning to study abroad, then there are various processes and documents involved, making the entire process seem daunting for students.


So here at Broadmind, we offer documentation services to students such as providing guidance regarding documents to be submitted for university admissions, for loan applications, visa applications etc. The students will be provided with a full checklist of documents to be brought in for various appointments.

Student document checklist for admissions

Here is the basic checklist of documents required for the admissions

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

One of the primary documents required for any university applications is the Statement of Purpose (SOP) which is also called referred to as SOP, Letter of Motivation or Statement of Intent. SOP is one of the most important documents required for admissions.

The Statement of Purpose must focus on:

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Letter of Recommendation is popularly known as LOR or Letter of Reference. It plays a vital role in admission decisions. The format of Letter of recommendation differs from University to University.


While some may require in the referee’s Letter head, some may need only in their respective forms and some institutes may ask for direct mails from the referee’s email. As a University representative we suggest right format to the students.

The process of getting the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are,

It should be in the official letter head containing name (with surname) of the person who issues this letter, his designation, complete postal address, direct contact numbers and official Email Ids.

Broadmind makes sure that the documents are accurate according to the university standards.

Visa Documentation

We also help the students with the visa documentation services. We make sure that students carry all the necessary documents required for both visa filing and visa interview.

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