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    Study in Cyprus

    Cyprus is an exotic study destination with a strong economy and has a rich history of ancient monuments, beautiful Mediterranean climate and sun-soaked beaches. Cyprus also known as Republic of Cyprus exists in the southern part of the island in the eastern Mediterranean.


    It is surrounded by Greece in the east, Syria on the west, Turkey on the south and Egypt on the North and divided into six districts such as

    High-quality education

    Cyprus is famous for the ports all around the world since being an island country. The largest port in Cyprus is Limassol port and second largest being The Larnaca port .


    Cyprus is mostly dominated by Greeks and Turkish population. Cyprus is referred to as a High income economic country.


    Cyprus universities are in the World rankings lists and this attracts students from all around the world.

    Quick Facts

    Capital: Nicosia

    Population: 179,551

     Area: 9,251 sq km

    Calling Cod: +357

    Currency: Euro 

    Languages: Greek and Turkish are official languages but English are widely spoken

    Why Study in Cyprus

    There are various reasons where the students can consider Cyprus as their study destination.

    The Most affordable study destination

    The cost of studying in Cyprus is relatively low when compared to other European countries because institutions in Cyprus charge a reasonable tuition fee for its bachelors and masters program and this can be an advantage for international students.

    International standard of education

    The higher education in Cyprus is of international standards with highly qualified professors from around the world and quality education. The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education makes sure the quality of education in Cyprus is of higher standards. The students will get the feel of studying in top European institutions.

    Hassel free visa Process

    Acquiring a visa to study in Cyprus is hassel free since there are no complicated process involved in it. The visa process can be started well in advance to avoid delays.

    No English Requirements

    The students are not necessarily required to have an English proficiency test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL scores to get admissions in to Cyprus institutions but the medium of instruction has to be English in their high school institutions to prove your English proficiency.

    Opportunity to Learn new Languages

    Since Cyprus has a multicultural presence, the student can get an opportunity to learn a foreign language like Greek, Turkish or other languages. This will help the students to give a boost to their CV.

    Safe & Secured

    Cyprus is known to be a safest country to study and live as there are no political or communal riots and it is also stated to be a crime free environment. The Cypriot authorities has risen the security requirements in order to ensure safety and security for residents.

    Excellent Job opportunities

    Since Cyprus has a powerful economy and strong European influence, it has lot of career opportunities to offer for students to live and work in Cyprus.

    Top industries in Cyprus

    Part time opportunities are also available for students for 20 hrs per week. The studensts can make use of these opportunities to boost their CV.

    Multicultural atmosphere

    Since Cyprus is surrounded by countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece and Syria, it has a huge multicultural presence. The students get to interact with students from all around the world and this helps the students to have unique educational experience.

    Institutions and courses in Cyprus

    There are various higher education institutions and universities in Cyprus. Universities such as University of Cyprus and Cyprus University of Technology hold the place in the World University Rankings. There are various public and private institutions in Cyprus.

    Public Universities in Cyprus

    Public universities refer to those which are funded by state or national government or by public means. Some of the public institutions in Cyprus are

    Private institutions in Cyprus

    Private universities refer to those which are not funded by government but depend on course fees and private contributions. Some of the private institutions in Cyprus are

    Popular UG courses in Cyprus
    Popular PG courses in Cyprus
    Cyprus Maritime Academy (University of Nicosia)

    Programs Offered – 4 Years Bachelors Degree

    Programs Highlights:
    Program Structure:
    Program Break Down

    Cost of education in Cyprus

     The cost of education in Cyprus universities is relatively low when compared to other European countries. The fees for international students can start from 3500 EUR per year for an undergraduate program and 2500 EUR for a master’s program.

    The fees differ from university to university and the subject of study.


    Students are advised to go through the university web site for more details.


    Cyprus offers various scholarships for international students to pursue both bachelors and masters programs.

    Government-funded Scholarships

    These scholarships are offered by government to international students and it covers 10 to 20% of the course fees. The ministry of finance of Cyprus provides scholarships on the basis of their financial conditions.

    Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation

     These scholarships are offered by Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation to international students who want to study in Cyprus.

    Some of the higher education institutions who offer scholarships are as follows

    Entry Requirements

    Academic Requirements
    Undergraduate program
    Postgraduate Program
    Documents Required for Admission

    Visa Process

    The students from non-EU member countries have to apply for visa to study in Cyprus universities.

    Visa process
    Documents required for visa

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    Frequently Asked Question

     IELTS is not required for admission but the medium of instruction in the high school has to be English to prove your English proficiency.

     The official languages Spoken are Greek and Turkish, but English is spoken as a second language.

    The universities in Cyprus offer comfortable accommodation facilities to international students in their own campus. They charge a reasonable fee for accommodation (150 EUR per month) with all the required facilities for a comfortable stay.

     Some of the courses available related to IT are as follows

    BSc in Computer Science

    BSc in Computer Engineering

    MSc in Web and Mobile Systems

    Master of Science in Computer Science.

     A. The currency used in Cyprus is Euro (Symbol €).

     A. The intakes happen throughout the year (ie) fall, summer and spring. The major intakes happens in January and September.

     Nicosia (Capital of Cyprus) has a high standard of living and living expenses can be high but the students can manage the expenses with careful planning and a part time job.

     Yes you can bring dependents to Cyprus provided they get a visa.